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Reach New Heights

Not sure how coaching can help you? Learn more here.

Designed for the most sustainable, long-term success, this coaching package will include “Gain Clarity” and “Design Success” strategies and then further push you to explore deep and meaningful personal or professional desires. During your time with me over six months, we will focus on applying decisions to strategies and action plans co-created for you to improve your personal energetic reactions and interactions to reach specific goals -- with more intention, passion, authenticity, and purpose.


Clients have experienced:

  • Transformed personal and professional relationships;

  • Improved overall well-being and reduced stress due to changes in responses to triggers that used to cause anxiety, fear, worry, or frustration;

  • Increased self-awareness to make choices more in line with personal values and authentic desires; 

  • Improved confidence and boundary-setting behaviors resulting in feelings of more peace and ease in day-to-day interactions and life experiences

This package includes:

  • 12 scheduled calls by phone or video conference for 60 minutes

  • Unlimited text or email support between sessions

  • Personalized assignments between sessions designed to inspire, empower, and create clarity for continued growth

  • Session E-book with action plan(s) to keep you on track and on target

  • Option to add an Energy Leadership Index Assessment or other assessment to improve self-awareness (additional cost)

  • Option to add monthly sustainment calls (additional cost)

Ryan Y.
Project Manager

By working with Andrea I was able to get clarity around how my thoughts impact my actions. When applying our conversations to my work on the job I was able to improve my prioritization and engage my staff with more confidence to develop them more quickly. She was a great observer, listener and compassionate team member creating the space for me to share openly.

Travis D.

Associate Engineering Executive

Andrea helped me and my team grow both personally and professionally.  She is very open, honest, challenging and trustworthy and during our timing together coaching, she helped me grow exponentially.  We worked through personal feelings, roadblocks and obstacles and formulated plans and strategies to overcome these roadblocks in both the professional growth, and personal/family growth settings.  She helped me grow from a mid-level PM to an Associate, with strategic mindset adjustments.

Amanda F.
Construction Services

Branch Chief

When my manager approached me about signing up with a professional coach, I had no idea how much I needed it. I am a young professional woman trying to navigate in a male-dominated industry, so finding my voice is sometimes a challenge. I lacked confidence in my abilities and what I had to offer. Over time Andrea helped me realize my full potential and that I am worthy of all the good things that come my way. I wouldn’t be where I am today, personally, and professionally, without her support and mentorship.
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