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Quick Shift

Not sure how coaching can help you? Learn more here.

This quick, highly impactful package is designed to give you awareness of your current level of energetic leadership. It includes a free 30-minute consult so I can learn what you would like to change in your life and then give you access to an Energy Leadership Index Assessment. This tool measures how you are showing up energetically to lead yourself and others in the direction of what you want. We follow up with a 90-minute debrief in which I will guide you through your results and coach you to take next steps. Additional coaching sessions or packages can be added at a discount if you would like formal support and accountability around achieving your change. This option includes:

  • 1 free, 30-minute consult via Zoom

  • Access to the Energy Leadership Index tool 

  • 1 90-minute debrief and coaching session via Zoom

  • An E-book to use in support of achieving your shift

  • Optional add-on discounted coaching sessions/package

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