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Quick Shift

Not sure how coaching can help you? Learn more here.

This quick, highly impactful package is designed to give you awareness of your current level of energetic leadership. It includes a free 30-minute consult so I can learn what you would like to shift in your life and an Energy Leadership Index Assessment and debrief. Learn more about Energy Leadership and the assessment.

In this short interaction with me, you can experience:

  • A deeper understanding of yourself including what you’ve hidden, what’s blocking you from success, and what you’ve got going for you.

  • Awareness of your tendencies during normal and stressful times.

  • Insight into how to become your authentic self as a leader at work and home.

  • Less stress! The ELI shows you what’s stressing you and insight around what might remove that weight from your shoulders.

This package includes:

  • 1 free, 30-minute consult via video conference or phone call

  • An Energy Leadership Index Assessment  

  • 1 90-minute debrief and coaching session via Zoom, on the phone or in person

  • An E-book to use in support of achieving your shift

  • Optional add-on discounted (10%) coaching sessions/packages

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