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Andrea (Drea) Raggambi, PCC, CBC
Chief Success Designer
& Accelerator Coach

My Mission

My mission is to inspire and empower ambitious leaders to deeply appreciate who they are so they shift how they can show up more authentically to achieve their vision of success. My WHO-BE-DO development model meets each client where they are and facilitates new mindsets, habits, and ways to accomplish more with less stress and overwhelm. 

My Story

I am a Professional Certified Coach, Certified Behavioral Consultant, EFT practitioner, and author with over 20 years of experience in adult learning, leadership and organizational development, and coaching. Holding a Master's degree in Adult Learning and HR from Virginia Tech, I design and deliver impactful training and leadership development programs and coach leaders to unlock their full potential by elevating their self-awareness, confidence, and leadership prowess to achieve unprecedented results. I have supported professionals primarily in the following industries: non-profit, architecture, construction, real estate, engineering, and government contracting.

As the author of "It's Time for Some Next Level SHIFT", I offer science-based methods to enhance self-awareness, shift limiting beliefs, and set goals for personal growth. I am dedicated to staying abreast of industry trends and advancements through continuous learning and involvement in professional organizations like Harvard Business Review, the International Coach Federation (ICF), the Association for Talent Development, and the NeuroLeadership Institute.

Outside of my professional endeavors, I volunteer as a mentor at my local Association for Talent Development chapter, support female professionals through pro bono work, and contribute to Lucky Dog Rescue. In my leisure time, I enjoy the outdoors and travel, acrylic and watercolor painting, various Peloton workouts, and spending time with my fiancé and our dog, Wally, in Falls Church, VA.

My Inspiration, Values, Philosophy & Approach

I am inspired by and curious about nature - all kinds - our physical world, human nature, the nature of things, and appreciate how we see things differently even if we are looking a the same thing. I pause often to look at cloud formations and find beauty in the smallest to largest natural objects. I'm often in awe of what I notice just outside my window every day. Like with nature, I keep the wonder in my work with clients. 

Living with intention through my values keeps me aligned to my purpose of service and creates better results in my life and the lives of my clients. My values are:

  • Adventure - To me, this means a lot of things. Like seeing life as an adventure, staying open to new things, experiences, and whatever comes next, and figuring out how to build a little adventure into every day. In the literal sense, as a citizen of the US, Australia, and Switzerland and, a childhood filled with travel, the travel bug stuck with me. Whether via train, plane, or automobile, I like breaking up my routine to explore new and different things and foods.

  • AuthenticityI keep getting better at learning what this looks and feels like for me. I do my best to live my Truth each day through my words and actions. When life pulls me in different directions, this value can be the toughest but the most important to recenter and recommit to.

  • Accountability- I take commitments seriously and always do my best to follow up, follow through and, deliver based on clear expectations. Whether with friends, family, colleagues, or business partners, I take responsibility for my words and actions, do my best to uphold my personal boundaries, speak my truth, and seek to understand others' perspectives. 

  • Creativity- Another personal value, guiding my behavior and decisions for a long time, is creativity. I rely on it daily and channel it through art, writing, and other forms of creative expression including my work and interactions with others. It's the 'juice' that feeds my soul.

  • Impact - In whatever I take on, I'm keen on creating value and seeing a difference as a result of my time and efforts. I am research and data-driven and believe in measuring results. I also like to use facts rather than relying on assumptions, judgments, or opinions to move the needle.

Though we are all unique, what I recognize unites us as humans, is our backgrounds, experiences, conditioning, beliefs, value systems, and traumas (we have all experienced some trauma just to normalize that for you) wire us for resilience.


In fact, we have already survived 100% of our worst days. From this alone it is clear, very little is insurmountable if we are willing to recognize when and how we are standing in our way. So for each of us, our success starts and ends with US - it is an inside job!


So as a client with me, this is great news because you only have one person to focus on – YOU. When you are clear on who you are and operate in a way that is in alignment with your true self, it becomes easier to show up in service of and to more effectively and energetically lead others to their goals. This evolution is grounded in my WHO-BE-DO formula which highlights the importance of grounding yourself in WHO you are so you can BE that person in all you DO. 

The factors that limit us reside within us.


These limitations are based on what we believe, what we expect, how we respond, and what we choose. If we can create intentional space to hit the pause button on our ego, limit and shift self-judgment, dismiss comparison, and manage our expectations and responses to ‘fake’ threats, we have access to the recipe for designing and accelerating the success story we have yet to write.


Ways I Serve:

Clients who seek leadership development services come to me because they:

  • Want to improve team communication, dynamics, trust, collaboration, and performance

  • Seek new and creative ways to change behaviors

  • Have middle managers who need to unlearn individual contributor habits and develop people leader habits

  •  Want inspiring and fun ways to engage their teams and improve relationships

  • Seek specific high-potential leader development for sustainable organizational growth

Clients who seek coaching come to me because they:

  • Feel unsure about how to change or take their careers to the next level

  • Feel stuck in their personal and/or professional lives in a particular area and want a nudge forward

  • Feel overwhelmed with things they feel they should be doing instead of what they want to do

  • Feel the need to control many aspects of their lives and have trouble prioritizing their emotional and physical health

  • Avoid difficult situations, conversations, or asking for what they need including setting boundaries

  • Have imposter syndrome or tolerate people and/or situations that stem from low self-worth or esteem

In addition to my WHO-BE-DO development model, I am also certified to utilize many well-known tools and self-assessments that support self-awareness and development:

  • Leadership Circle 360

  • Leadership Effectiveness 360

  • EIQ 360 and Emotional Intelligence - EQi 2.0/ EQ 360

  • HPTI (High Potential Trait Indicator) 

  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

  • DiSC

  • Energy Leadership Index Assessment (ELI)/ELI 360

  • PROSCI Change Management Methodology (Train the Trainer Certified)

I work with clients who are ready to make decisions that make a difference for themselves, their loved ones, their teams, and their organizations. Contact me to see if we are a good match to explore what that means for you.

My Clients Hail From:


The WHO-BE-DO Development Model



All you desire lies within, beginning with understanding WHO you are. Cultivating profound self-awareness and embracing self-acceptance, appreciation, and love lays the groundwork for your aspirations and actions. Our identity influences every facet of life, often manifesting in unconscious behaviors and habits that perpetuate undesireable cycles. By pausing to observe our inner dialogue and judgments, we create space to choose thoughts rooted in deeper acceptance and appreciation of ourselves and others. In this mindset, we can harness our unique abilities and intentionally shape our interactions to achieve more. Progress involves evaluating thought patterns, strengths, values, and limiting beliefs while fostering habits of gratitude and acceptance. This journey leads to conscious behaviors aligned with our true selves, fostering ease, peace, and flow. As our internal state shapes our external reality, prioritizing WHO we are brings us closer to desired outcomes.


BE represents the transformative nexus where we engage with others, yielding both complexities and enriching relationships. These interactions serve as mirrors, reflecting aspects of ourselves that may otherwise go unnoticed. By aligning with our authentic WHO, we empower ourselves to express freely and pursue meaningful actions. This phase demands radical self-responsibility, challenging ingrained thoughts and habits to confront fears and hidden truths. Clients learn to perceive emotions as valuable data, responding rather than reacting in conflicts, and confronting fears to leap courageously. Through setting boundaries, making requests, and intentional interactions, they prioritize personal needs and intuition over societal expectations. This journey fosters confidence, self-worth, and respect, enhancing feelings of value in relationships. Embracing ambiguity, clients step out of comfort zones, witnessing profound shifts in themselves and their surroundings, akin to managing personal success through transformative change.


Once clients establish their authentic identity and align their actions accordingly, they unlock the potential for extraordinary transformation. This phase delves into understanding motivations, limitations, and capabilities, facilitating action within an inspiring and efficient timeframe. Clients navigate the intricacies of planning and maintaining momentum to achieve their goals, confronting obstacles such as procrastination, overwhelm, and avoidance rooted in uncertainty. Through collaborative efforts, I assist clients in designing tailored accountability systems, ensuring they feel supported and empowered to learn, grow, and attain the success they aspire to and rightfully deserve.

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