Andrea Raggambi, ACC, CBC, ELI-MP
Chief Success Designer

Thanks for visiting! So what about me? I am an Associate Certified Coach (ACC), Certified Behavioral Consultant (CBC) and organization development consultant. I am passionate about collaborating with clients to design transformative, customized talent development, change and organizational strategy experiences that align with organizational values and goals that move people forward and impact the bottom line. As an executive coach, I guide clients to make energetic mindset shifts that help them think and choose differently so they show up more powerfully and authentically to take action towards goals and feel physically better every day. I have learned about the incredible power we all have to use our minds to remove stress, influence our outcomes and physically heal our pain. Noticing how we think and intentionally creating new beliefs opens us up to new experiences and opportunities that may have seemed closed or 'for other people'. What we want is there for all of us!  

Certifications in the following tools support my work:


How did I get here? The first 8 years of my career were spent in corporate advertising and marketing roles stemming from a B.S. in Marketing and Management. I transitioned into the area of training and development in 2002 when an inspiring position training nursing professionals motivated me to earn a Master's Degree in Adult Learning and Human Resource Development. I have been enjoying all the wonderfully creative aspects this field since then in areas such as architecture, construction, engineering and management consulting. Learn more about my background on LinkedIn


What else about me? I live in Falls Church, VA and in my spare time I engage in more creative stuff like pottery and painting. I create and sell custom abstract paintings that bring life to living spaces and I donate some of those proceeds to support local community causes. Visit my site here to learn more: www.artpactful.com. When I'm not creating stuff, I'm experiencing life outdoors, traveling and enjoying time with my friends, family and my eight year old Shih Tzu, Wally.

If you are curious how I can best help you or your business reach new heights, contact me today.

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