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What is Energy Leadership?

We are all made of energy! It's a scientific fact. Quantum physics tells us each cell in our bodies possesses approximately 1.4 volts of energy. If multiplied by the number of cells in the body, about 50 trillion, this energy translates to over 700 trillion volts. With this energy one person can power and illuminate a city for a week!

Energy Leadership is the way you are energetically leading yourself. The Energy Leadership Index is a tool used to help you understand how you are showing up energetically to lead yourself and impact others successfully. This data helps you understand where you are so you can choose to lead with more intention and fulfillment. Where and on what we focus our energy leads us to where we are - even if it isn't where we want to be. 


The Energy Leadership Index helps us understand our energy on 7 levels. The image below highlights these levels and how people show up at each level. Where do you think you most resonate today?

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