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Rock Balancing

Design Success

Not sure how coaching can help you? Learn more here.

This personal leadership coaching package will help you focus on more complex scenarios for which additional time is required to ignite internal energetic momentum to reach your goals. You will receive personalized guidance to explore and address areas of uncertainty resulting in improved self-awareness and new ways of thinking to implement positive and sustainable life changes.

Clients have experienced:

  • A clear way forward around a particular personal or professional dilemma with confidence toward a new, exciting commitment;
  • How to recognize aspects of their lives they have been tolerating and strategies to make choices more in line with what feels right;
  • Learning what aspects of their current thoughts, emotions, and behavior have been holding them back so they can move forward with more awareness and intention;
  • Improved skills to communicate and engage with others in ways that reduce conflict and create shared, positive results


This package includes:

  • 8 scheduled calls by phone or video conference for 60 minutes

  • Unlimited text or email support between sessions

  • Personalized assignments between sessions designed to inspire, empower and create clarity for continued growth

  • Session E-book with action plan(s) to keep you on track and on target

  • Optional assessment to improve your self-awareness in support of your goals (additional cost)

Liz D.

Association Vice President

Deciding to reach out to  Andrea for coaching was the best decision I could make for my career! I was suffering from burnout and imposter syndrome in the worst way!  In the midst of the pandemic, juggling two infants, and a stressful work environment, my weekly sessions with Andrea quickly put me on the right course.

Sheila N.

Associate, Branch Manager

 Andrea's coaching crucial was to my professional and personal growth. The impact she had on my ability to become self-aware and forward-thinking was astounding. Her patience, words of wisdom, thought, and manner in which she helped challenge an individual to search through the weeds and come up with the appropriate solutions in given situations was transformational. I attribute much of my success as a leader to some of the skills she helped me build and sharpen throughout our time together. 

Jarod F.

Director, Engineering Survey Services

Andrea was awesome to work with. She helped me with my delegation and organizational skills as I kept building and growing my team. I gained clarity and self awareness to be able to make some different decisions that really moved the needle in my productivity and outcomes. 
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