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Sky's The Limit
Leadership Development

We are all leaders! Some of us lead others but we all have to also lead ourselves. When it comes to developing leadership skills, the changes that matter are the changes in behaviors that stick and move us and those around us forward. 

I am committed to partnering and collaborating with you to co-create a reality where you achieve your leadership goals and ambitions. 

I am able to support you and your team's leadership development through a variety of customized programs and assessment tools including:

  • Leadership Circle 360

  • Leadership Effectiveness 360

  • EIQ 360 and Emotional Intelligence - EQi 2.0/ EQ 360

  • HPTI (High Potential Trait Indicator) 

  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

  • DiSC

  • Energy Leadership Index Assessment (ELI)/ELI 360


"I highly recommend Andrea as a professional development coach.  I was lucky enough to participate in a companywide executive leadership development program that was run and created by Andrea.  Participants in the program spanned across multiple locations and disciplines, and because of COVID restrictions, the program was entirely remote.  Andrea did an incredible job keeping the team engaged and interested through a carefully curated syllabus of relevant and applicable experiences.  Andrea is extremely knowledgeable in the field of leadership development, energetic, fun, and has a good grasp of current business environment needs.  During the program, she taught me a wide array of relevant and applicable leadership strategies that I still utilize today as part of my leadership toolkit.  Andrea’s coaching and development had an extremely positive impact on my leadership journey and led me to a promotion shortly after completing the program."

Justin Bogigian, Line of Business Controller 

Customized Workshops, Team Building & Facilitation 

I offer workshops ranging from 1 to 3 hours focused on specific topics that help you and your teams improve workplace behaviors, performance, and outcomes and can facilitate fun and energizing team-building sessions and activities.  Contact me for a free consultation to determine how we can best partner to co-create your desired outcomes. 


Middle Management Training & Development

Effectively equipping middle managers to succeed in their roles is crucial to your organization's health and the well-being and productivity of your team members. I partner with you to assess what successful behaviors and outcomes look like for middle managers to devise and deliver unique and customized, 'sticky' training solutions that shift mindsets, attitudes, and behaviors to fill these gaps and cultivate a high-performing team culture. 


Emerging Leader Programs

I work with you to help assess your future-focused talent needs and identify existing leaders with high potential to fill critical future leadership roles. Together we will design a program that has immediate and direct impact on current efforts and future capabilities to drive organizational growth in a positive and scalable direction. 


Individual, Group, or Team Coaching 

One-and-done development rarely 'sticks' without ongoing coaching and feedback. To help leaders and team members retain, apply, and practice their skills and create new habits to shift their behavior, I offer add-on individual, team, or group coaching programs that create a safe space for sharing, learning and feedback to ensure engagement and momentum. 

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