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Gain Clarity

2 months (4 sessions)

Rock Balancing

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4 months (8 sessions)

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Reach New Heights

6 months (12 sessions)


Learn the 4 Steps to become Transition-ABLE and Master life’s changes – big or small.

In this self-paced course you will receive valuable information that you can put to use right away to help you make graceful transitions in the moment or, when you have a choice about an opportunity that can have a big impact or consequences on your life. In just four steps and over the course of 8 weeks, you will learn and practice the skills that will enable you to take charge of and master life’s changes so you can make decisions that best represent who you are and what you want. You will become Transition-ABLE.

This course is for anyone who:

  • Has trouble handling stressful situations or reacts negatively to life's small curveballs;

  • Is challenged to rebound after disappointment;

  • Often finds themselves stuck or over analyzing options (analysis paralysis) when facing important life decisions;

  • Has felt they don't trust themselves to make the 'right' choices' or compares their life to others;

  • Has the tendency to want to control others' decisions or behvaiors to align with their own;

  • Feels they don't have time on any given day to plan for or envision an amazing future

Learning and practicing the steps in this course will allow you to apply a game plan for responding to life’s changes that will provide a greater sense of peace, and calm so you can truly enjoy your journey through life regardless of its curveballs. You will learn skills and habits to build your resilience to keep you moving forward.

This course includes:

  • Engaging mixed media content that explains four steps to guide you when faced with change or when dealing with unmet expectations;

  • Educational videos that explain why we respond the way we do in these situations and how this is helpful to your journey of growth;

  • Relevant examples and opportunities to walk through simulations that create a safe space for you to feel out and practice what you are learning;

  •  Worksheets and a step-by-step schedule to guide you through each module on when and how to try and pace out the practice of new habits so that they stick;

  • Access to a members-only area where you will have unlimited access to this course so you can take it again whenever you would like in addition to other bonus materials to support your success.

  • LEADER BONUS: If you are a leader of others, you can download a free, Transition-ABLE Leadership tips job aid.


After this course you will be able to:

  • Determine where you struggle the most when it comes to managing life’s big or small transitions;

  • Identify and manage your thoughts and emotions during a change; and

  • Feel more positive, energetic and confident in decision making aligned to your ideal self.

Maximize Your Success

I want you to be successful! If you are unsure you have the discipline to be self-directed to stay the course independently, take this free assessment. If you learn your success would be increased by an accountability partner or someone to motivate you externally to champion your progress, I am offering a 10% discount off a two-month coaching package to accompany your journey on this course which adds four one-hour coaching sessions. Not only will the check ins help you stay on track, the powerful value of working with an expert coach as you move through the process of learning and applying a new mindset and habits exponentially increases your chances of success.

Spread the knowledge, impact culture by gathering your team!

Organizational change is occurring at higher and quicker rates every day. This trend will only continue as ways of working, technologies, market conditions, and our external environment impacts leaders and employees at all levels. If you are a member of a peer or leadership team who could benefit from this content as well, encourage your colleagues and peers to take this course with you so you can structure group accountability check-ins and discuss your progress aligned with your goals. Organized groups of 3 or more each get 15% off the price of the course.


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Master life’s changes – big or small.

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