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Enter the 
Prosperity Portal
and Exit
Propelled to Your Potential 

Get your ticket into this portal for 6 weeks where you will join a community of ambitious and driven women seeking the gift of next-level awareness to build new thoughts, habits, and practices to prosper in one or more areas of their lives. 

What's in the Portal?

Everything You Need to Prosper!

I'm Interested

February 11 - March 23, 2024

The Prosperity Portal is a practical, application-based, virtual six-week group program where you will connect with other women who, like you, are intentionally prioritizing yourselves. You will show up ready to get real about what it means for you to be prosperous in one specific area of your life where your gut, heart, or head tells you it's time to kick excuses, procrastination, and all underlying fears to the curb. 

In your application for a seat in this program, you will get specific about what you most want to shift, improve, or achieve right now to feel differently than you do today. With guidance from me as your expert coach and other supportive women, you will move through a series of self-awareness activities, interactions, practices, and mindset techniques to reveal important choices available to you in order to accomplish and actualize your full potential to prosper. You will also learn about blindspots and fear-based behaviors and habits which thus far, have been holding you back. By tapping into the root cause of those roadblocks, together we can build the awareness, habits, and practices to remove them for good. 

Whatever you seek, there is a pattern and a root cause for the reason you aren't actualizing a different reality which might be manifesting in ways like:

  • Believing your negative self-talk and berating yourself

  • Overcompensating for areas of weakness

  • Doing for others to feel better about yourself

  • Not setting/maintaining clear boundaries and over-compromising

  • Getting into or staying in toxic relationships

  • Tolerating inappropriate behavior

  • Not asking for what you want

  • Seeking perfection from yourself or others

  • Focusing on the negatives

  • Suffering silently and not asking for help

  • Dismissing and not acknowledging your strengths and gifts

Any of these sound familiar?? We all have some built-in wiring that prevents us from accessing 100% of what we are truly capable of being and doing. It's a matter of making the time to be open, non-judgemental and kind with your self to let in everything your brain has been wired to keep out!


No matter your goal or desire, this program is filled with active learning and growth experiences uniquely designed to shift the way you think about yourself, what you need, and what you are capable of. When you do the work, you will see results trickle into and positively impact other areas of your life.

A mind once stretched by a new idea,

never again regains its original dimension.

- Oliver Wendell Holmes

This six-week program is framed around:

  • WHAT you want and how you want to feel differently 

  • WHY your very normal, human wiring is blocking you from accessing it

  • HOW you can leverage this juicy knowledge and information to choose differently and step into a version of yourself that has ALWAYS been available to you

The curriculum includes:

  • A live, 60-minute weekly group coaching session where you will be supported, encouraged, and surrounded by others prosperity posse ladies who want you to be successful

  • Weekly topics with videos, assignments, and resources including a weekly workbook to guide you and create awareness around what is holding you back

  • An energy leadership index assessment report that benchmarks how you are energetically showing up now and gives you a roadmap for how to choose and engage in your life with more energy and intention

  • Mindfulness, meditation, breathwork, and energy healing sessions and recordings

  • 24/7 access to me and a community of other powerful prosperity posse participants for ongoing support in a handy app

  • Ongoing access to the portal to review and access materials when you need them again

  • Discounted 1-to-1 ongoing coaching with me post-program for additional accountability and support to keep your growth work going

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