Meeting/Team Building Facilitation


How many of your meetings result in action? How can you get team members on the same page to encourage and inspire results?


Studies show that getting action with more than 7 team members would be more effective with a third party facilitator. Whether for a strategy meeting, a partnership discussion or a team building session, I provide personalized and professional facilitation services that will result in engagement and action.

Third party facilitators:

  • Provide an unbiased, neutral atmosphere

  • Bring a fresh perspective and new questions to the discussion

  • Are willing to ask difficult questions and confront assumptions

  • Can move groups forward when dealing with difficult or controversial issues 

Below are examples of situations that might benefit from a third party facilitator:

  • A newly formed team wants to hit the ground running with clear and respectful guidelines for operating together successfully 

  • An existing team has added or lost a member causing some uncertainty about how to operate successfully

  • A leadership or management team wants to brainstorm action around a new strategy

  • A controversial issue prevents relevant team members from being able to see the issue clearly

  • An old problem requires a new lens for discussion


Contact me to discuss how your teams or business can use facilitation to reach new heights. 

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