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DMV Women's Next-Level SHIFT 

Group Workshop
April 30 - June 4

Make this the year you invest in
yourself and your gifts. 


In 2023 I am serving 20 amazing women committed to showing up for themselves at the next level!
The first group of 10 is forming now for the spring workshop 

Join an exclusive group of local DMV women who together, want to explore how they are showing up to make the most of their gifts and strengths to gain confidence, build resilience, and improve self-awareness to move through roadblocks that will shift how they think, live and love themselves and their lives.


We all experience times in our lives that move us forward or keep stuck. Learning how we respond in those moments predicts what will happen next. In this workshop, you will take an assessment and receive a personal report that shows how you are showing up and leading yourself toward or away from what you want. You will pick one key area of your life to focus on and get coached and supported toward the vision for yourself around a related goal.


Over the course of just six weeks, you will gain the insight, awareness, knowledge, and skills to put you on the path to level up your thinking, feelings, actions, and, outcomes

Get the attention, support, and guidance from an experienced coach, and meet amazing local women who will help keep you focused, energized and motivated for 6 weeks AND BEYOND! 

This EXCLUSIVE workshop is for you if:

  • There is a particular area of your life you are currently unsatisfied with and are ready to learn what it takes to change it

  • You want to understand what old programming is holding you back from the feelings of happiness you deserve. 

  • You want a safe, supportive environment to learn, share, explore, and grow through habits that have held you back.

  • Unlimited and forever access to 

Seats are limited to 10 participants
The program Kicks off on April 30


This 6-week workshop includes:

  • An Energy Leadership Index Assessment and debrief that tells you how you are showing up energetically so you can learn where and how to shift your thoughts and mindset.

  • Two in-person meetings

  • Weekly 60-minute zoom coaching calls 

  • Weeky videos, learnings and inspirations

  • Worksheets and assignments that get you feeling and focused toward success in the area you want to remove roadblocks around.

  • Access to a private group to share and experience your journey with a community of women whom you can support and who will support you.

  • Amazing add-on options to keep you moving forward, motivated and inspired.  

  • Great SWAG!


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