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This fall, invest in
yourself,  your gifts, and everything you have
always deserved in your career to enjoy life

as you've always imagined!


This fall I am serving 8 amazing women committed to

showing up to FINALLY make some next-level sh*t

happen for themselves!


If you are going through a career transition or want to make one but are not sure how to get going or exactly what you want, THIS is where your search starts and ends.

In this coaching workshop, you will learn how you are showing up energetically to lead yourself to or through a new or potential career shift that feels uncomfortable, difficult, or complex because you believe it is too risky, scary, or maybe even just plain nutty to even consider.

Is This Program Right for Me?
​In this small, exclusive group of 8 local DMV women, you will explore how you are showing up to make the most of your gifts and strengths to gain confidence, build resilience, and improve self-awareness to mo
ve through roadblocks that will shift how you think about 'work' and reframe what is accessible to you. In this workshop, no thought, idea, or dream is out of reach - nothing is off limits and negative self-talk will be offered the back seat because here, new thoughts and beliefs will take the wheel


You will be guided by me, an ICF PCC Executive Coach, Certified Behavioral Consultant and author with over 500 hours of coaching experience, leadership training, and a 20+ year commitment to the field of professional development. I have helped hundreds of professionals experience higher levels of satisfaction and success in their professional and personal lives through coaching, training and development programs.  I have personally experienced what 'stuck', 'not good enough', and 'unworthy' feels like. They are beliefs and feelings I have been able to reframe to choose differently and I want to help you choose the same. 

Creating this workshop and space for others to learn and grow is something I choose with true desire, not necessity. It lights me up to pay forward what I know has worked for me and what I know can also work for others. For that reason, I am committed to guiding small groups only once or twice a year so I can create unique, customized, experiences that serve each amazing woman on her own journey. Learn more about me here

Over the course of just 8 weeks, you will have fun while making self-awareness and self-fulfillment a priority by:

  • Connecting deeply to what you really want and deserve;

  • Collecting data and insights about your behavior and patterns;

  • Gaining new knowledge to choose new thoughts;

  • Creating and building new, potentially long-lasting relationships;

  • Shifting your mindset and beliefs to make different decisions and;

  • LIGHTENING & LEVELING-UP your energy, thoughts, feelings and actions so you really experience different outcomes! 

Get the attention, support, and guidance from an experienced 
executive coach and meet amazing, local women who will help
keep you focused, energized, and motivated for 8 weeks


This EXCLUSIVE workshop is for you if:

  • You are exhausted in your current work and want to make a change but don't know what that looks like; 

  • You want to understand what is holding you back from taking action in the direction of what you say you want; 

  • You feel stuck in your current career or role and want to take on more or move up but don't know how to ask for what you need;

  • You are seeking a fresh perspective on what it can look like to love what you do to make a living;

  • You want a safe, supportive environment to learn, share, explore, and grow through habits that have held you back.

Seats are limited to 8 participants
The workshop kicks off on September 10
Pre-registration is open now!

See if you are a fit

This 8-week workshop includes:

  • An Energy Leadership Index Assessment and debrief that tells you how you are showing up energetically so you can learn where and how to shift your thoughts and mindset

  • Two in-person meetings 

  • A copy of my self-guided journal, "Its Time for Some Next Level SHIFT

  • Weekly 60-minute Zoom coaching calls 

  • Weekly education and inspirations 

  • Worksheets and assignments that get you feeling energized and focused on success toward your goal

  • 3 virtual Energy Healing sessions with an amazing, certified energy healer to clear out negative energies and accelerate your growth

  • Access to a private group to share, learn and experience your journey with a local community of women with similar goals for mutual support and ongoing encouragement

  • Amazing add-on options to keep you moving forward, motivated, and inspired.  

  • Some great SWAG!


ALL FOR JUST: $2,250*
*If you attended the Quick Shift Workshop get an additional discount

Flexible Payment Options Include:

  • 1 payment of $2,250

  • 2 payments of $1,125


See if the program is right for you

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