Do what you already do, ONLY BETTER in 30 days!


Live. Observe. Reflect.

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Self-improvement is a lifelong journey. This journal will guide you to make observations about your thoughts, feelings, actions/interactions and reflect on something every day that can help you make choices to lead a more productive and successful life. Noticing how we do the things we do gives us the ability to CHOOSE if we want to repeat those behaviors. You should add my coaching services to this process if you find yourself challenged being disciplined, self-directed or usually need external accountability to meet expectations. If you are not sure how you respond to expectations, take this quiz by Gretchen Rubin to find out!


Wake up, get out of bed and be open to capturing some observations about your day! That's all that needs to happen in this step.



For 10 days at a time, you get to observe what is happening for you on any given day. My journal will guide you to identify what thoughts, feelings or actions/interactions energized or drained you. 



The reflection questions for each day's observations force you to think about what you chose to reflect on, why and what that could mean for you. The process of just observing and reflecting in this way without judgement will allow you to come to some conclusions every 10 days so you have the option to think, feel and do things differently by day 30.



Every 10 days, you will have the opportunity to notice patterns in your thoughts, feelings or actions. Those patterns are data points that will allow you to make different choices if you decide you truly want to see and experience different results. Working with me as your coach during this process will help you get the most from your observations and reflections. However, the observations and reflections alone can provide many people the momentum to think and act differently. Just the act of documenting and observing yourself and your patterns can create breakthrough opportunities. The goal-setting pages provide the momentum to take action on what you observed so me as your coach or you can hold yourself accountable. People who need external accountability to meet expectations will be better served by adding coaching to keep your commitments and keep you on track. 

Regularly noticing how we feel, think and act will keep us poised to make decisions in life that we are proud of and that align with our values. For this reason, I encourage you to repeat these observations and check in with yourself every six months. Use my journal each time to keep you focused. Engaging in this type of activity keeps us from going into autopilot mode (where we just reacting to what is coming at us) which derails us from making intentional choices that help us reach our goals and feel good about how we are living our lives.

Contact me if you have questions. Live you, be true and know you have choices and chances every day to make yourself a happier version of yourself!