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It's Time for Some
Next Level SHIFT


How familiar are these scenarios for you:

  • You struggle to make up your mind or make a decision because you worry about making the 'wrong' choice.

  • You plan or try to control every detail to avoid things going awry. 

  • You want to wait until you are in the 'right' place to start something new or do something differently.

  • You avoid doing what you want if it sounds too risky or silly to fit into your current life.

  • You feel the need for validation or that your choices are perceived as "ok" by others before you proceed.

  • You have a story that shows up when you hit a roadblock about not being good enough. 

These are a few of the common ways we think and act as we move through our lives. Unless we pause to recognize how these patterns may be holding us back, we can't realize or achieve new realities for ourselves which we often say we want. The first step to improve anything is simply pausing to notice how we are. As you may have been taught in a CPR course when you happen upon an accident. Before taking action, you have to survey the scene. Only once you can get a sense of the situation and feel safe yourself should you take action. Making new choices for ourselves requires us to first understand where we are and how our current thoughts, feelings, and emotions are working for or against us. Then we can decide if and how we want to make changes.  

In 30 days you can learn A LOT about how you are, who you are, and what is holding you back. This self-guided journal is designed to help you notice thought and behavior loops that you may not even know are producing results you don't want. You will be able to use the data from these observations to create a vision for yourself with goals that will put you on the path of everything that is possible and that has always been available to you. This journal is the tool to help you access that reality!

Team leaders and talent development professionals! This is a great tool to add to a professional development or team-building curriculum. Gather team members to share their experiences, build their vision and professional goals together. 

Not sure if you're ready for a shift? Take this FREE Assessment to find out!


It's time for YOUR Next Level SHIFT! Get your copy now!.  

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