Change Consulting


It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change. –Leon Megginson

Are you rolling the dice on your change initiatives?

When you think back to change initiatives you have rolled out, how would you rate their success? What were your key takeaways from the experiences that made them successful or unsuccessful? 

Studies show that 70% of change initiatives fail*. The key reasons are listed below.

Organizational Change Fails Because of:

1) Poor planning

2) Inadequate leadership support

3) Lack of resources

4) Focus on systems/processes vs people

5) Inadequate change leadership skills

Where do you see your organization doing a great or poor job in these areas? Take this assessment to determine where your change competence stands.

Contact me if:

- You have low change competence and are about to embark on a substantial change project that can't afford to fail.

- You want an audit of your current change management processes to maximize adoption success.

- You have questions about change management and would like to learn more about this topic area to improve your own comfort level with change. 

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